About us

We are a team who share the desire to provide people with the best water on themarket, reliability and quality services. Our mission is to sell and distribute AURA’S water - a miracle in the Banat Mountains.

For us, the water we drink represents a very important aspect of a healthy life. The people who choose to collaborate with us become friends and partners in our quest to deliver drops of health.

We are keen to introduce this special water to the most select locations in Germany and to present it to the audience that desires quality, health and luxury.

Our principles


For us, it is not just a word, but a culture based on the services dedicated to our customers and employees. We measure our success through the way we serve our customers.


We bring innovative, premium products to the market
that will have a positive effect on those who consume them.


We are aware that our business partners
are always busy and for this reason we adapt to their needs.

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